Every child. Every Mitzvah.

Chidon. Every child, every mitzvah.

A revolution is launched

Rooted in the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s vision of Jewish unity through Torah learning, Chidon has taken off across the world.

The 613 Mitzvos are more than a number.

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Year-long study

World-class curriculum

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4 Tests over 5 Months

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The Race i

Track 1: Become a mitzvah maven and learn the basic details of each mitzvah. i

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Track 2: Build a solid knowledge of the mitzvos and earn a place on the Chidon Shabbaton! i

Track 3: Study advanced analysis and problem solving to compete for a Chidon trophy! i

Track 4: Compete with the Chidon contestants in your school to earn a place on stage at the International Chidon Event.i

The Shabbaton

Experience the magic. Come home inspired.

Chidon COVID Contingency Plan 5781/2021
Plan A:
Ultimate Shabbaton in Yerushalayim Habenuyah
Plan B: International Chidon Shabbaton in New York (or elsewhere)
Plan C: Regional Chidon Shabbatons in Australia, South Africa, England, Toronto, California, Florida, and New York
Plan D: Receive your choice of a grand prize

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girls-icon Girls

כ’ – כ״ג אדר תשפ״א | March 4 – 7, 2021

boys-icon Boys

כ״ז אדר – א’ ניסן תשפ״א | March 11 – 14, 2021


The Game Show

Contestant knowledge is put to the test before 20,000 viewers worldwide! i

See them score!

Award Ceremony


Trophies i


Medals i


Plaques i

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