Every Child. Every Mitzvah.

Chidon. Every child, every mitzvah.

A revolution is launched

Rooted in the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s vision of Jewish unity through Torah learning, Chidon has taken off across the world.

The 613 Mitzvos are more than a number.

Chidon Books

Year-long study

World-class curriculum

Generously sponsored by Mr. George Rohr

3 Tests over 5 Months

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The Race i

Yesod Track: Know the basic information of each Mitzvah. i

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Yediah Track: Know the basic information & details of each Mitzvah. i

Havonah Track: Understand the basic details of each Mitzvah. i

Iyun Track: Apply the information to other information from any unit and to situations not mentioned in the book.i

The Experience

Experience the magic. Come home inspired.

Reginal Trips

All of the children & schools in each reginal will go together on their reginal trip!


Ultimate Chidon Experience

8th graders! After successfully completing 4 years of Chidon (at least on the Yediah track), and passing Havonah in 8th grade, you qualify to upgrade your reginal trip to the Ultimate Chidon Experience, joining fellow 8th graders from around the world in New York for the experience of a lifetime with trips, shows, concerts and so much more!

Ultimate Experience Date

girls-icon Girls

כ’ – כ״ב אדר תשפ״ג | March 13 – 15, 2023

boys-icon Boys

כ״ז – כ״ט אדר תשפ״ג | March 20 – 22, 2023


Game Shows

Contestant knowledge is put to the test before viewers worldwide! i

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Award Ceremony


Trophies i


Medal i


Plaque i


Certificate i

What will you take home?

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