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What is Chidon?

“Chidon” is short for the Chidon Sefer Hamitzvos – International Championship. It is a worldwide competition between thousands of Jewish children who learn the 613 Mitzvos of the Torah in depth. They study hard all year, take three tests to prove their knowledge, and if they qualify, are invited to join an exclusive school trip or the world-class Chidon Shabbaton!

The Shabbaton climaxes with an incredible game show pitting representatives from each member  school (also known as a “Chidon base”) against each other, and finally, with the glitziest award ceremony you’ve ever seen awarding hundreds of Chidon champions with personalized plaques, medals, and actual trophies!

Who is Chidon for?

Chidon is for any Jewish child grades 4-8 – boy or girl – who wants to get involved and learn more about the 613 mitzvos that are their true inheritance.

Signing Up

How can I join Chidon?

You can sign up for Chidon through your TzivosHashem.com account. If you don’t already have you, you can create a new one just for Chidon.

Can I still join if my school is not listed as a Chidon base?

Yes, if you are a Jewish child grade 4-8 you can join independently.

How can a school become a Chidon base?

If your school is interested in becoming a Chidon base, have a member of the administration contact us, and we will get back to you to work out the details!

The Study Program

How can I get a Chidon book?

Chidon books (the Rohr Yahadus Curriculum) are available for purchase in our resources section for $45 plus shipping and will be shipped straight to your home. You will also have the option to order a book while registering for Chidon through the registration form (at a special sale price) and have the book shipped to your school instead. Shipping is currently available to homes only within the US.

Do I need to know everything that’s written in the book?

No, you don’t! It is very important to use your study guide to ensure you know what to pay attention to, and what you can leave out. See page 17 for detailed information on exactly what you need to know.

Is Chidon only for brainy kids?

Nope. Chidon is for EVERYONE. The four different Chidon tracks make that possible. You can read about them in detail in the Chidon Overview section of the study guide, or get a general idea of it in “The Race” section of our about page.

Are there other ways of studying if I don’t like to read?

Yes! We have audio books of all Chidon units for those who prefer to listen. There are online classes available to prepare you for the tests, as well as video classes for the Mitzvah Maven track! (Please note, you’ll still need to refer to the study guide to be properly prepared for the tests.)

What if I have questions on the information I’m studying?

One of the most amazing things about Chidon is how many people are part of it. There is no shortage of people who would love to help you out! Start by contacting your base’s Chidon Coordinator, who may either answer you directly, recommend a Whatsapp chat for you to join, or otherwise point you to the proper answer.

The Shabbaton

What is the Chidon Shabbaton?

The Chidon Shabbaton is a yearly world-class weekend event celebrating the achievements of our thousands of passionate Chidon students. Participants from around the world are treated to a one-of-a-kind experience including exciting trips, great food, and lots of song and dance, all in an unmatched spirit of Jewish unity.

It culminates in the famous Chidon Game Show and Awards Ceremony, where the greatest Chidon masters showcase their incredible knowledge to a local and remote audience of tens of thousands of Chidon fans and supporters.

Can all Chidon participants attend the Shabbaton?

The Chidon Shabbaton is an exclusive event – so the answer is no! You must earn a 70% average on Part 2 of all 4 tests to be eligible to join Shabbaton as a Chidon Contestant. Some schools may also place limitations on how many students may join from their ranks.

You can read more on how it works on page 16 of your Study Guide, or speak to your Chidon Coordinator for more information.

Is there a cost for the Shabbaton?

A tremendous amount of time, work, and money goes into creating the Chidon Shabbaton. In fact,  we have staff working on it all year long! 

The actual cost of Shabbaton is between $275-325 per child. Thanks to a generous grant by Mr. George Rohr, there is an optional subsidy of $100 for all those who opt in. 

That leaves the cost of Chidon for children who are part of a registered Chidon base $175 per child. For those who may join independently, it is $225 due to additional logistics and services required to accommodate them. 

We understand that some families have trouble with this fee, including many families who proudly send multiple children to the Shabbaton every year. For this reason, we have created the Chidon Drive, a platform which allows families to get their fees covered by family and friends who support this incredible life-changing program for those they love. Stay tuned for updates as to when the Chidon Drive will open this year.

What Is the Chidon Game Show and Awards Ceremony?

The Chidon Game Show and Awards Ceremony – otherwise known as the Chidon Event – is a two-part event. 

The Game Show features representatives from all participating Chidon schools, divided into four teams to compete against each other in an epic show of knowledge. They are challenged to answer unique and challenging questions on the information in their books – and watch them respond without missing a beat! 

The Game Show is followed by the long-awaited Award Ceremony. Every Chidon contestant who earned a plaque or medal is presented with it publicly to the cheers of their family and friends. Then comes the highlight, when the gold, silver and bronze trophies are awarded to the highest scorers on the ultimate Chidon challenge, the trophy test.

How can I earn a plaque, medal or trophy?

Any Chidon participant can earn a plaque by scoring an 80% average on the Chidon final, or a plaque and a medal with a 90% average. Yes, if you work hard enough, you can get one too!

If you are your school’s representative to the Chidon (by earning the highest average in your school on the 3 Chidon tests throughout the year), then you may also take the exclusive Trophy Final during the Shabbaton. The representatives with the highest scores in each grade worldwide are then awarded a gold, silver or bronze trophy.

How does the game show work?

The game show features all school representatives from each grade, who are randomly divided into four competing teams and seated on the stage bleachers. The fourth graders are seated in the front row, fifth graders in the row above them, and behind them the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders each in their own row.

They are challenged to answer three rounds of different style questions, such as Rapid Response, Smart Quest, and On the Buzzer. Different amounts of points are awarded based on how well (or how quickly) they are able to answer the questions. The team that earns the most points in total is crowned the Chidon Champions!

Didn’t find the answer you need? Feel free to email us at chidon@tzivoshashem.org and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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